Too Early Prediction: Washington State

The Washington State Cougars had a good run before being embarrassed in their bowl appearance against the Michigan State Spartans. With the new season approaching, here is our quick bold prediction about how Washington State will fair.

WSU vs Wyoming

Expect to see the Cougars come out a little sluggish. But as time goes on, there will be no competition as WSU is expected to roll over Wyoming. 35 – 17 WSU

San Jose State vs WSU

San Jose had a couple of dismal blowouts and struggled to put together a 2 win season. That being said, the Cougars have been pretty notorious being beaten by teams they should have taken care of, and losing their season opener. I expect this one to be no different, but the Cougars come out with a win. 28 – 24 WSU

Eastern Washington vs WSU

Cougar fans have done well to forget the 45-42 upset in 2016. However, Eastern does well to surprise people. They finished third in their conference and had an impressive 8-win season. If San Jose didn’t give the Cougars a run for their money, Eastern will. 28 – 24 Eastern


USC isn’t going to let WSU get away with another win at the Colesium. The Trojans have this date circled on their calendar, and needless to say, USC fans know this is a big one for revenge. The Trojans are without Sam Darnold, but they are still a top 25 team and expected to move up in the standings. 35 – 14 USC

Utah vs WSU

Utah is known for their defense, but WSU was able to pull off a victory last season 33-25. However, the Cougars are without the same offensive threats as they had before and without Hercules Mata’afa, the Cougars will need someone to step up. Otherwise, the Cougars will see back-to-back losses. 31 – 24 Utah

WSU vs Oregon State

Oregon State has improved some, but it won’t be enough for them to take the game. WSU has a 4-game win streak against the Beavers, and there are no signs of that slowing down. 34 – 23 WSU

Oregon vs WSU

Oregon just became powerful and is already in discussions about being a top 25 team. Having a home game against the Ducks will be in the Cougar’s favor, but I don’t foresee another upset happening here. If anything, I see the Cougs getting down early, pulling desperation plays, and finding themselves in a hole. There is always a reason to drink in Pullman. The Cougs losing may be the reason after this one. 42 – 21 Oregon

WSU vs Stanford

Fun fact: neither team has ever been AP #1. That doesn’t mean that it is going to happen this game. Stanford has found themselves back in the top 25 and being a powerhouse once again. With the Cougars on the road, I expect this to be similar to other losses they have had before against the Cards. 55 – 17 Stanford

California vs WSU

Cal isn’t coming out of this one without a fight. This was the upset game everyone was anticipating and rightfully so. The Cougars were on their way to their best start in Cougar history only to have Luke Falk cough the ball up 5 times. Cougar fans should be happy the score wasn’t too embarrassing as I still remember scores of 61-3 from the Paul Wulff era watching from the 50-yard line in the student section. The Cougars will look to exact revenge on the Golden Bears and come out with a victory. 34 – 30 WSU

WSU vs Colorado

Since 2015, Mike Leach has edged Colorado 2-1. In both victories, Colorado has averaged 1.5 points. I expect this game to be similar to those in the past, but the game to be closer than before. 20 – 16 WSU

Arizona vs WSU

Arizona has improved being 58th in the national rankings for recruiting in 2018 and was 45th in 2017. Expect that talent to help the Wildcats make the game competitive once again for the Cougars. Don’t expect a blowout, but this one will keep you on edge for some time. 42 – 45 Arizona

Apple Cup – Pullman

I’m a Cougar and my father is a Husky. Talk about a house divided. The Huskies have won 8 of the last 10 and have scored over 36.5 points in every victory they have secured. In the last two Apple Cups, Washington was ranked in the top 15. This year they enter the season in the top 25. Unless something happens to Jake Browning during the regular season, I expect Washington to roll over the Cougars once again on their way to a chance for the conference title. 45 – 20 Washington


The Cougars had plateaued in 2017. With all the other teams within the conference rebuilding faster than Washington State, the Cougars will struggle to stay relevant in the Pac-12. Overall: 5 – 6