Rashaad Penny Pro Bowl Talent?

The Seattle Seahawks had a lot of people scratching their heads with their late pick in the first round. With Georgia’s Sony Michael still on the board, many thought Seattle would look to pick him up instead. However, the Seahawks have picked up a stable running back possibly more overlooked than he should have been.

Rashaad Penny may not be a battering ram like Marshawn Lynch, but he does have the legs to make you miss. As Mike Maycock put it he’s the

“Premier kick returner and three-down back… outside of Saquon Barkley, he’s the best kick returner in the country.”

Those two qualities alone set up Seattle for success in the special teams. Tyler Lockett is a dangerous returner on special teams. Combine him with Penny and teams will be forced to kick for touch backs. With the size and durability to be an every-down back, something Seattle has yearned for from recent backs, the Seahawks find themselves in a unique situation where they can use his hands or legs to cut teams up from the backfield.

Penny will have to compete with Chris Carson for the starting slot. But with Seattle wanting to get back to its ground-and-pound style of offense, it is realistic to assume Penny can get over 1,000 yards on the ground and at least 10 touchdowns. Russell Wilson accounted for 37 of 38 offensive touchdowns, 3 of which on the ground. Don’t expect that to happen again with Penny in the backfield.