Ex-Quarterback Hilinski Had CTE

The parents of Washington State ex-quarterback Tyler Hilinski have come out and stated their son had CTE when he committed suicide in his apartment in January.

“He has the brain of a 65-year-old…”

The father has commented to Hota Kotb. Both the mother and father were shocked to hear that Hilinski developed the tau protein at 21, when evidence usually pointed to it being in older individuals.

Both the mother and father have expressed how both the suicide and diagnosis were a surprise. Both recollected how Tyler was a happy, somewhat reserved, person.

“He was the sweetest, most outgoing, giving kid. That was difficult to hear.”

It is unfortunate that Hilinski took his own life as he was expected to be the starting quarterback for the Cougars. Hilinski had 1,176 passing yards and 9 touchdowns in 8 games during the 2017 campaign. Hilinski was also named the starting quarterback for the Holiday Bowl against Michigan State.

Tyler has a younger brother, Ryan, that is considered a top prospect in the 2019 recruiting class. Ryan has addressed that he will continue to play football and has committed to South Carolina.

The news adds another layer to the CTE saga. Research by the Mayo Clinic in 217 has shown that 110 of 111 brains of NFL athletes studied had CTE. research has recently come out stating kids playing tackle football before 14 have an increased risk of being diagnosed with CTE at a younger age. As of now, there is no cure and the only way to confirm CTE is postmortem.