England Vs France Finals?

Yes, we know that this is a different direction as we are about Northwest Sports. But with the World Cup slowly coming to an end, it is quite possible that we are bound to see a matchup between England and France in the finals. Fitting that we like to help people with fantasy, and potentially sports betting, why not give you some knowledge of both teams.

Since FIFA’s inauguration in 1930, both England and France have only won one championship apiece. The last time France was in the finals was 2006 while England looks to end a 52 year drought. Outside of Uruguay, it is the longest a county with a championship has been kept out of the finals.

So how do the two teams match up? France appears to be the favorite to win it all at 2/1 whereas England sits at 11/4. While the odds do support the fact that France has been undefeated thus far, it doesn’t tell the whole story. In the World Cup setup, it was in England’s favor for them to take the loss and be in the other bracket. Having to only beat Columbia and face the winner of Switzerland and Sweden, the loss gave England the best chance to arrive at the semi-finals.

Comparing how each has faired in the World Cup, it would appear that England is the better team. But the data is obscure when England beat Panama 6-1. In that match, the British had 11 shots, 7 on goal. With multiple corners and crosses, as well as the ability to virtually have their way all game, the data is favored towards England.

World Cup Stats, England and France July 8

France has its own statistics that prove why it is considered a favorite. While they are 11th in completed passes and 25th in crosses, they are 5th in goals. They have also shut out their opponents in three matches and are yet to play a match that is decided on penalty kicks. France has the superior midfield and defense and the higher foul count shows how more competitive they are compared to England.

So who would be the better team to bet on? I would still take France over England. However, if England does score the first goal, expect them to fall back into a bunker-D style and try to hold on to the lead. Predicted final score 2-1 France.