Duane Brown Contract Over-Inflated

It won’t sit well with Earl Thomas, and especially not with Seahawk fans. However, with contracts and the offensive line being an issue, the Seahawks have taken a gamble in extending Duane Brown for 3 years at $36.5 million. It may seem like the going rate for a blind side tackle, but there’s more to it than that.

Since Brown has joined the Seahawks, the offensive line appears to have a sense of cohesion and the ability to keep Wilson off his back. For a line that has been giving up over 40 sacks the last two seasons, a strong presence at left tackle was necessary. After all, Brown’s resume speaks for itself. Since entering the NFL, Brown has been selected to the Pro-Bowl 4 times, with 1 First Team All-Pro.

So why would his contract appear over-inflated? At 32 years old, the tackle is expected to make an average of $12.1 million per season, the most he’s made in his career. That puts him at the 5th highest paid Seahawk and 14th overall for left tackles. It’s understandable that with previous line coach Tom Cable the Seahawks would want to make a splash. But with Seahawks needing to manage their cap space, and the average salary Brown has acquired his career, it appears the Seahawks have overpaid by $4 million. Not saying he isn’t worth every penny. Brown is the insurance the Seahawks need. But if the Seahawks planned on retaining KJ Wright and Earl Thomas, they may have just over extended themselves.

Seattle has been burned multiple times signing older vets to large contracts. Let’s hope that Brown breaks the cycle. Otherwise expect the Seahawks to be even more conservative with extensions with athletes over 30 from this point forward.