Fantasy: Baldwin 1,000 Yards, 8 TD Probable

It’s that time of the year where us couch warriors begin our usual Fantasy Football scouting. Outside of the obvious candidates for your WR, it may pay to take a second look at Doug Baldwin.


With Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson both gone, Baldwin will be targeted more frequently by Russell Wilson. Yes, the Seahawks have good hands in Brandon Marshall, but don’t expect Marshall to take away from Baldwin’s targets. As for Tyler Lockett, the speedster has his moments of stardom. But his main attributes shine on special teams.


The schedule for the Seahawks offense as opposing defenses this season are quite elite. According to FORTHEWIN, half of Seattle’s schedule is set to face top 10 defenses. What does this mean for Wilson and his receivers? Assuming that he doesn’t have another Rams blunder, good things.

Seattle has lost their iconic brand of being a ground-and-pound offense and is quickly to leave the run once sniffing some troubles. Wilson has done great to carry the team last season with his elite passing last season, and if the Seahawks panic again, Baldwin benefits. He has the skills to break double coverage. And with a league where the rules greatly benefit the receiver, a down Seahawks team is a Fantasy Footballer’s golden ticket for another 6 – 8 points.


Name another quarterback that can run for his life and still make amazing plays. If you said anyone besides Wilson, you must be on something strong. I get weed is legal in Washington, but come back to earth. Wilson’s intangibles are non-comparable to anyone else in the league. With Baldwin and Wilson on the same page when playing “backyard ball”, Baldwin does great to find an open spot for Wilson to target. Expect at least 20 – 25 yards a game to come from improvised plays.


I’m being rather conservative when I foresee Baldwin coming up with 1,100 yards and another 8 touchdowns. With the exception of last season, Baldwin has had back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons. Another 1,100 doesn’t seem unreasonable. With an average of 115 targets the last three seasons, Baldwin will find 1,000 before week 15.

I don’t foresee him playing lights out and getting another 14 touchdowns in a single season. But an average of a touchdown every other game is fair.


5. You need your RB 1 and 2 unless a standout WR is on the board. Baldwin is ranked rather low on the board so taking him any higher is a waste of a pick. Don’t wait too long as he won’t be on the board past 6. If he is and you’re on the clock, pull the trigger as that would be a steal in that position.

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