What Will It Take For Cougars To Be In Playoffs?

It’s possible. Unlikely, but possible. Sitting at 8 with 3 SEC teams ahead of the Cougars, Washington State will need a lot of help these next few weeks.

Below is the current rankings of the College Football Playoff teams. While Alabama and Clemson are the heavy favorite for the 1 and 2 seed, the 3 and 4 are still up for grabs.

1 University of Alabama 9-0
2 Clemson University 9-0
3 University of Notre Dame 9-0
4 University of Michigan 8-1
5 University of Georgia 8-1
6 University of Oklahoma 8-1
7 Louisiana State University 7-2
8 Washington State University 8-1

Week 11

WSU vs Colorado: WSU shut out Colorado 28 – 0 last season. But after their performance against Cal and knowing they will have a key defender out for part of the game for targeting, it will be a different ball game for the Cougs. WSU is currently a 6 point favorite. This could be the game WSU loses that drops them out of playoff contention.

Michigan vs Rutgers: Rutgers is dreaming if they think they’re winning this one. Next.

Mississippi State vs Alabama: This one is interesting. Bama has proven that it doesn’t matter what seed you are. You will still be destroyed in the end. But last season, Bama only won by a one score and MSU had the game all the way until the 4th. MSU may not overpower the Crimson Tide this time around, but it isn’t that too farfetched to believe.

Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State: 5-4 vs a 7-1 team. Oklahoma cleans OSU’s clocks.

Georgia vs Auburn: Both teams are ranked, but Auburn is still a 2 score underdog. While a bit of a trap game, it doesn’t seem likely that Georgia gives this one up.

Florida State vs Notre Dame: It’s a home game for FSU but they have lost back-to-back games against ranked opponents. Notre Dame knows FSU will give it all they got to cause the Fighting Irish to fall back in the rankings. It really is Notre Dame’s game to lose.

Clemson vs Boston College: Clemson is coming off a 77 – 16 pounding over Louisville. Not to say Clemson will take their foot off the gas, but Boston College didn’t do too well the last time these two met.

Losses: Georgia

Week 12

Arizona vs WSU: The Cougars are looking to get revenge against Arizona in Pullman. Arizona is quite prolific on the ground and with some weak areas at corner (you know who you are) expect the Wildcats to go for 15+ yard plays quite frequently. WSU needs this win. Not just to feel good, but to also build momentum towards the Apple Cup.

Citadel vs Alabama: Hey, Citadel needs their money. being blown out by 60 for at least $300 thousand isn’t a bad pay day.

Syracuse vs Notre Dame: Syracuse is currently ranked at 13. The last time these two played, Notre Dame took control and didn’t look back, finishing the game 50 – 33. Syracuse has a chance to steal this one at Yankee Stadium. If there was any time Notre Dame drops the ball, this is it.

Rice vs LSU: LSU is paying Rice $1.3 million to play them this time around. Guaranteed win.

Indiana vs Michigan: This is Michigan’s game to lose. Indiana didn’t do too bad against Penn State. But they were also demoralized by Ohio State and Iowa giving up 91 points and only scoring 42.

Kansas vs Oklahoma: Not going to waste time here. Hopefully Oklahoma doesn’t run up the score too bad.

Duke vs Clemson: no…

Losses: Notre Dame

Week 13: The miracle week

The week starts with the ranks as follows:

  • Alabama 1
  • Clemson 2
  • Michigan 3
  • Oklahoma 4
  • LSU 5
  • Washington State 6

Washington vs WSU: In an older article we posted that Washington State doesn’t do too well against the Huskies in the Apple Cup. But hey, they have already surprassed all expectations we had for them at the beginning of the season. UW (in gold) has been struggling all season, especially in the second half. WSU (grey) has been putting up some impressive numbers. Not saying it’s a blowout, but WSU is definately favored this time around.

Oklahoma vs West Virginia: West Virginia had quite a spree before losing to unranked Iowa State in October. With a win against Texas, they have proven they have the tenacity to stay in a game and have some luck on their side. Might help that the game is at Mountaineer Field if West Virginia wants a chance.

Michigan vs Ohio State: Urban Myer has a chance to knock off Michigan when it matters most. With the game at Ohio and both teams ranked in the top 10, expect this to be a slugfest. Michigan drops the game in the 4th, and Jim Harbaugh from his coaching position.

Auburn vs Alabama: Not even close for Auburn. Bama rolls right over them.

LSU vs Texas A&M: Same as Alabama. Blowout.

South Carolina vs Clemson: South Carolina comes in at 5 – 3 with losses to Texas A&M, Kentucky and a demoralizing loss against Georgia at the beginning of the season. South Carolina is yet to beat a ranked opponent this season. This won’t be their first time.

Key losses: Michigan

Week 14

The week starts with the ranks as follows:

  • Alabama 1
  • Clemson 2
  • Oklahoma 3
  • LSU 4
  • Washington State 5

Bama vs Georgia: SEC Championship Game: Georgia looks to give Alabama their first loss of the season. It won’t knock them out of the playoffs though. In fact it may help them if the rankings stayed as is. If the rankings stayed as is, the SEC would have two teams in the playoffs once again and LSU has the manpower to face off against Clemson. WSU would sit there, sad and alone, just on the outside looking in.

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