Mariners Speak Out Against Racist Allegations

Dr. Lorena Martin, former high-performance director, took to social media and made serious accusations against the Seattle Mariners. Dr. Martin accuses the Mariners of being racist, specifically against Latinos, and firing people based only on race.

In a post to Instagram, Dr. Martin, under the username ”lorenahighperformance” posted her feelings on Instragram and also on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 11.47.04 AM.png

Dr. Martin didn’t stop there. She doubled down on her statement telling the Tacoma News Tribune that GM Dipoto was very derogative towards her, did now show emotional restraint, and said she could not be a part of meetings because she was a woman. She continued to present that when she asked other members of leadership what to do, she was informed to listen to Dipoto’s requests. 

The Seattle Times also reports

Martin also told the News-Tribune that Servais told her you don’t see Latin American managers or catchers in baseball because “they aren’t bright enough. They are dumb.” Martin said she reported the incidents to the Mariners’ human resources department.

As reports continued to come out regarding Martin’s allegations, the Mariners have responded stating that the allegations are false and untrue. The Seattle Mariners prided themselves on the hiring of Martin and saw it as a great improvement in their club.  

Martin has lawyered in the argument for wrongful termination. However, it is thought that her contract hsa a binding arbitration clause, which does not allow her to sue the Mariners. If the lawsuit goes through, she will need to meet with an independent arbitrator to determine a settlement.

It seems rather odd that Dr. Martin is now coming out with these allegations against the Mariners over a month since her termination. However, we will not speculate who is correct. If these accusations are true, expect the Mariners to find themselves in legal battles and under investigation by the MLB. If false, the backlack on Dr. Martin will be more than she can ever anticipate.

Regardless, no one wins in this situation.

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