Not Fake News: Packer Fan Did Bring Sign

There are some lines in sports that have an unwritten law for fans. Sexual orientations, racism in regards to player expectations, death of a coach’s child being “deserving” are still taboo to talk about. When it comes to the death of an owner or player, people will always be across the spectrum in reaction. But one fan decided to cross the line with a sign that read “Seahawks playoff hopes are like Paul Allen – dead”.


First, it’s rather impressive that this fan was able to get tickets so close to the field and not have problems with the other fans around him. Second, it is surprising how gutsy he was to not only write this knowing full well he would find himself blasted on social media, but that he was willing to do this a month after Allen’s death (Paul Allen died October 15, Green Bay vs Seattle was November 15). While he does have the Constitutional right to not engage his brain before writing, I’m sure if someone said the same about some of his beloved Packers he would raise hell.

The thread on “EmeraldCitySportingNews” regarding the image had some fans report that the offender was asked to put the sign away by others in respect for the team. Some had suggested that he was escorted out by security due to his sign. This is all here say and has not been verified by other sources.

Regardless, Seattle would come away with a win, and a tie-breaker against the Packers. Seattle currently sits at 5-5 and the Packers 4-5-1 and 3rd in the NFC North. Since their bye week, the Packers have lost 3 of their last 4 contests. I don’t mind the friendly banter with Packer fans. I have a handful in my family that I mess with all the time. But when they even say this genius crossed the line, that says a lot.

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