MPP Award: Germain Ifedi?

It appears after Seattle’s mock game Germain Ifedi has returned right where he left off. Many analysts and independent websites have been praising Ifedi’s accomplishments, stating that he is on track in expected growth and production for a third-year player. However, for the steps Ifedi took forward, he did a great job living taking giant strides back.

With Seattle having so many offensive drives stall out due to penalties, any laundry you draw will be heavily scrutinized. When you’re the most penalized player (MPP) in the NFL after 3 seasons, it’s hard to overlook that Germain Ifedi’s penalties are a problem that needs to resolved.

Averaging 11 penalties a season prior to the start of 2018, the majority being false starts or holding, Ifedi should be removed from the line. But to the dismay of Seahawks fans, he is still there causing problems. In 8 games, Ifedi has committed 7 penalties for 51 yards and 2 penalties away from taking the top spot. Ifedi is penalized and burned so often, that it isn’t a suprise that he needs extra help blocking from the back or tight end.

It is understandable that the Seahawks, with their new line coach Mike Solari, are looking to give Ifedi a second chance. But it wouldn’t be a surprise if they move on from the 1st round pick and cut him before the start of the 2019 season. Ifedi’s contract carries dead cap of a little over $1 million next season. If Seattle can draft a competent lineman to replace Ifedi, it may be worth it.

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