Are you affiliated with any other media outlets?

No. This is an independent blog and we intend to stay that way.

Can I be an editor, contributor, or submit a piece?

Absolutely! But, we are just a startup right now. We don’t want you to assume that if you start writing for us you’ll become rich. That’s the goal. However, right now it is freelance work. That being said, this gig can always lead to bigger and better things AND be part of your portfolio for later on.

Why do you have no pictures with your articles?

Because we are too poor to afford the prices that our preferred vendor would charge us. Trust us, you don’t want to know the cost. So, until then, we are stuck being imageless.

I want to advertise on your blog. What do I have to do?

Send us an email by clicking HERE. Make sure you put in the header that you are interested in an advertisement. We will respond as soon as possible with prices and expectations.

I know of other teams and colleges. Why are they not included?

Because I am just one person and only have so much time. If you want to be a contributor and cover a different team or college in the Northwest, please CONTACT US and let us know what your plan is.

Why do you have a section on Sports Science?

To have a place for children to go when needing to do research on a project and to help the couch ref reinforce his argument with science. It’s hard to argue facts. Especially when a science teacher is writing the article.